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    Hi ladies! I just had the opportunity to read Shellie’s blog of her experience as a guest observing the Botox procedure for vaginismus back in September. She’s working on crafting glass dilators especially for patient who have vaginismus. For patients awaiting their procedure, I would encourage you to read her blog in the testimonials as it is very heart-felt and describes the procedure and treatment program very, very well. Some of my favorite parts include:

    “Dr. Peter and his staff are AMAZING! I watched him address the very obvious fears of one of his patients who would have just as soon gotten back on the airplane and flown half way around the world back home that very minute than move ahead with the procedure. He calmed her, reassured her and treated her. When I returned for the counseling session the next day, it was a very different young woman in front of me; she was calm, approachable and looking forward to the next steps of her treatment.”

    This is a true testament of how much Dr. P and his staff truly care about you and take into consideration your feelings prior to the procedure. The majority of women, myself included, are just very, very anxious pre-procedure and it helps tremendously to have people who truly care there to calm you and support you through the actual procedure and treatment program thereafter.

    Shellie further wrote: “When I ended my three days with this group of women today I could see the excitement in their faces that there was every possibility that he had solved their problem and they could now look forward to leading normal lives with their partners. I have come home with ideas for products to help them with both dilation and therapy but more importantly with a great deal of respect for this doctor and his staff. They have found a way to give these women back control, sometimes for the first time, over their own bodies and allow them to have complete sexual relationships that they had all but given up on.”

    This treatment truly is the cure ladies! For those reading this, who may be considering the procedure, I can definitively say that it was one of the best decisions of my life. My husband and I can lead a “normal” life together now and just enjoy this very important part of our marriage.

    I would love to hear your comments, feedback, and questions. For those women reading this who have inquired about Dr. P’s treatment but are still unsure, please let us know what questions you may have about it and we’d be happy to answer anything at all. For those women reading this who are awaiting treatment, please know that it does work and is truly life-changing. Please, please feel free to ask any more questions that you may have prior to your procedure.

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