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    It is day 5 post procedure and I just arrived home from NH two days ago. Unfortunately my husband was not able to go with me. Although I am very thankful that my sister was there, I would like to share that if there is any possible way for you to have your husband or boyfriend to go with you I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend to do whatever you can to make it happen. It has been hard to share and remember everything that I learned (even though I took lots of handwritten notes) with my husband and just the experiences that I went through. From the actual procedure, waking up with the largest dilator in me, to all the wonderful counseling and sharing that Dr. Pacik and his team provides is invaluable and so very hard for me to share with my husband. Sharing and getting to know Allie and her husband and their story was/has been so special. I think having your significant other witness in the OR what our bodies do involuntarily under sedation is an eye opening experience and wish that my husband could have witnessed that for me. When you go home Dr. Pacik does give you a DVD with lots of the information that we learned and I’m really looking forward to watching it tomorrow (while the kids are in school) with my husband.

    Having your husband/boyfriend with you on this journey will not only bring you closer together but you will learn how to continue on to success. It truly is invaluable and I so wish that we would have had that opportunity.

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