Glass dilators: overdoing it?

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    Has anyone slept with the larger sizes of the glass dilators? I’ve been sleeping with #4 (blue equivalent), but would like to use the next size overnight. Would this be too much of a stretch? I know not to sleep with purple/pink, but wasn’t sure if that was only due to the extended links, or if it was just not good to have something that large inside for that long that many hours.


    I’ve always gotten the sense that if you can do it comfortably, it should be fine. I always had trouble dilating overnight just because I sleep in a specific position, but it’s also worth noting that you don’t HAVE to sleep with the biggest sizes overnight to be successful at dilating. I transitioned to sex after a few weeks of dilating that included probably only a day or two where I was able to dilate overnight.

    Long story short, I wouldn’t sacrifice your sleep schedule to keep a huge dilator in. Dilating every day is more important than dilating for long periods of time!


    The glass dilators were designed so you could wear them for longer periods of time, unlike the large sizes of the silicone dilators.

    If you try to sleep with a large glass dilator, and it works out for you, then that is great.

    Many women find sleeping with the larger sizes too uncomfortable, so they don’t do it.

    But it is ok to try, if you feel like that is something you think would be helpful.

    I do think daily dilating is key, and if sleeping with them helps you do that, then go for it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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