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    Patient Testimonials:

    1. I LOVE the new glass dilators, they are so much more comfortable than the plastic ones.I could walk normally and sit in them more comfortable than the plastic ones. They are also very easy to just slip out. They don’t tug or pinch the skin while coming out. Thank you, all of you who helped making something that makes our lives and the dilating process much easier!

    2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new glass dilators! I have only had them a few days, but they seem to do exactly what I wanted them to do. The issue I have with dilating is the time commitment and having to lay around for over 2 hours. You can totally multi-task with these things. I like sleeping with one in and it got to be a bit uncomfortable with the purple Pure Romance dilator. The first night I slept with the similar sized glass dilator and the 2nd night I slept with the next size up. After I woke up I came downstairs, made a nice breakfast, did laundry, and started my work day. All while dilating! How is that for productivity?! As the other ladies said the main advantage is the short length and the design at the opening. Since they don’t narrow at the end I do have a bit more issues inserting them, but I need more practice. I got a bit aggressive and tried the biggest one, but that guy didn’t budge. I think I will stick with the middle one for a week or 2. I also agree that you need to wear tighter fitting pants with these dilators. I got away with loose clothes with the Pure Romance, but these do slide out a bit. No issues though with tight biker shorts,yoga pants or granny panties! I even like the look of them. Kind of classy (if that is possible with dilators!) and they come in a nice, velvet case.

    3. I am 3 days post procedure today and I must agree that the glass dilators are so much better for me. I’m a very petite person and my vaginal canal is definitely on the short side. The glass dilators are much shorter which is great for me because the other dilators would stick out so much on me. Also as initially mentioned, due to the design they are so much easier to move around in which helps because you’re not necessarily sentenced to a bed for the two hour dilation period of time. I will admit I was a bit leery of them but when I woke up after the procedure the glass dilator is what I had inside of me. I’m so happy that it happened that way!

    4. I am 6 weeks post-procedure and I share the same sentiments concerning the glass dilators. When I left the office I wasn’t sure how I would get along with the glass set and didn’t purchase them until my last day there. I even remember Dr Pacik saying they were more comfortable one could even run errands in them and I thought, “He’s got to be joking!”. By day 30 I was running errands with the glass pink in place! When I’m at home I wear bicycle shorts to help keep them securely in place. This allows me to bend and move and not have to think about them!

    Post from Janet Pacik:
    For anyone trying dilation on their own and find that their dilators are too L O N G, you may want to consider the Glass Dilators that Dr. Pacik had customized for his patients. Visit our website for more information on these Glass Dilators. Except from our website: “The Pacik Glass Dilators are similar sizes in circumference to the Pure Romance line of dilators but half the length (approximately 3.5 inches or 88.9 mm). The ergonomic “hat” shaped design at the end allows the dilator to sit comfortably against the vulva without the discomfort of the protruding disc against the inner thighs. These are two of the important differences between the Pure Romance dilators and the Pacik Glass Dilators. Sleeping is also easier with these dilators. These dilators are custom made for Dr. Pacik’s patients with medical-grade tempered Borosilicate (Pyrex) glass to make dilation more comfortable. The Pacik Glass Dilators are easy to insert, easy to clean, and fit comfortably. They are stored in a fashionable black satin bag.

    I think the sound and look of a “glass” dilator at first can be intimidating, but from my own use and in the patient testimonials, they work so, so well and are so much more comfortable than the pure romance ones. Ladies, I would love to hear of your experiences with using the glass dilators? Your feedback would be so, so helpful here.


    I totally agree, Heather. It has been a year and I still love the glass dilators. For me they have been so much more comfortable and easier to use than the plastic Pure Romance Ones. Especially since I am naturally dry due to being post menopausal. I highly, highly recommend the glass dilators!


    As do I. They’re way more comfortable than the Pure Romance dilators and they’re super easy to clean. Definitely worth the investment!


    This is so true ladies. Did you ever become nervous because of the sound/look of “glass” dilators? I remember seeing the glass vaginismus aids shown to us by Ellen post-procedure and they all looked intimidating solely b/c they were “glass” material. Then, when I finally used the glass dilators, I found that they were awesome and very comfortable. I think I had just psyched myself up from their initial appearance.


    How much do the glass dilators cost? I have looked but I don’t see cost anywhere. They sound much better than the alternative ones!

    Janet Pacik

    The glass dilators come as a set of 3 dilators (#4, #5 and #6) or available as individual dilators. Approximately 3.5 inch (8.86 cm) length. Sizes comparable to the Pure Romance Dilators (Purple #4; Pink #5, Blue #6) but one-half the length. Since they are made from tempered glass, they are highly resistant to breakage but not guaranteed against breakage.
    Pricing for Pacik’s Glass Dilators:
    Item # 755 Glass Dilators, Set of 3 dilators (#4, #5, #6) $160.00
    Item # 778 Glass Dilator, Extra Small #3 dilator $ 43.00
    Item # 785 Glass Dilator, Small #4 dilator $ 57.00
    Item # 779 Glass Dilator, Medium #5 dilator $ 62.00
    Item # 780 Glass Dilator, Large #6 dilator $ 68.00
    Item # 776 Glass Dilator, Extra Large #7 dilator $ 74.00
    Item # 777 Glass Dilator, Extra Extra Large #8 dilator $ 82.00

    The DVD titled: Vaginismus: Ins & Outs by Dr. Pacik is highly recommended if buying the glass dilators without being treated with Botox and progressive dilation under anesthesia.
    Item # 51596 DVD Vaginismus: Ins & Outs by Dr. Pacik $125.00 explaining the many different aspects of using dilators in the treatment of vaginismus

    For more information on the Pacik Glass Dilators

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