From tampon terror to a 9lb baby with no meds

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    I had my procedure in June of 2017. I had never been able to even insert a finger, Q-tip, tampon, etc. and my husband could not penetrate me. The pain-fear cycle was so intense that attempting any insertion would nearly make me faint, but I kept desperately trying anyway.
    I was very diligent with the dilators post-procedure, and was thrilled when we were able to begin having intercourse a couple of months later, and with only minimal discomfort (mostly just from certain positions or from thrusting). However, I still had to take things very slowly, maintain a lot of control, and could not find pleasure in any type of thrusting motion. I was thrilled to be able to have intercourse though and that I could even climax during it.
    Fast forward a year and a half post-procedure, and I had my first child. I had a completely unmedicated birth (minus a tiny dose of lidocaine injected at the entry muscles after a long pushing phase to help those muscles relax for the final couple of pushes when I was running out of steam at the end). My son weighed 9lbs and had a head circumference in the 97th percentile at birth, and I was able to push him out without any hindrance from vaginismus! I was a bit concerned about secondary vaginismus, but my husband and I resumed intercourse as soon as I had clearance…and it has felt 10x more amazing for me than it did previously!! There is zero discomfort in any position or from any level of thrusting, I no longer have to be in control of insertion, and I am able to climax so much more easily now that things go so smoothly.

    I was so discouraged prior to the procedure. The procedure, follow-up support from Maze, and dilation enabled things that seemed completely out of reach after so much effort on my own.

    I hope I can be an encouragement to others. And if anyone has a desire to have an unmedicated birth after vaginismus, it’s completely doable! I also met with a pelvic floor PT a few times during pregnancy, which was helpful to boost my confidence that I knew how to work those muscles for birth.


    Wow! That is so awesome. Thank you for sharing your success story, so many people will find that so encouraging!


    Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing here!!


    Amazing! As someone who had vaginismus (overcame it through dilation therapy at Maze) and definitely wants to have a family, this makes me so so happy and less nervous about the future 🙂 you’re awesome and CONGRATULATIONS!!


    also I just gotta say I love the title of this topic haha! 🙂


    Congrats to you, Newlywed! You are truly reaping the rewards of all your hard work and have a new baby boy and an improved sex life for it. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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