From Difficulty Dilating to Major Step!!!

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    Hi all. In an earlier post, Christine, shared:

    “I was under a lot of stress so I was having trouble dilating. I was able to remove myself from it & now dilating is getting easier. The last time I posted I was still dilating on 4. I am now on 6! My boyfriend decided about a week ago to try and see if he could enter me. He told me to relax, pretend his penis was the dilator and to take my time. He went @ my pace before I knew it.. he was entering me! I didn’t believe him @ first but then I could feel what he meant. I was so thrilled my nerves got the best of me. I was shaking & crying. He wasn’t able to go the whole way in just 1/2 but its a major step, I honestly didn’t know when it was going to happen. I still need to keep dilating which is fine. I am going to keep it up until it’s very successful.”

    This is so, so, so wonderful to read Christine. You kept going and kept dilating despite difficulty and persevered and overcame to have intercourse. Way to go!!!! If you are reading this right now and have setbacks with dilating, please know that this is ok and you still can and will overcome!!!

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