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    I’m moving country and have packed my box of wax dialators.I am terrified security will think the dilators are some kind of weapon given their shape (?)! I will obviously be checking in the bag but I’m just wondering if anyone has flown with them before and had problems?
    Thanks for your help


    Hello K_Islandgirl,

    We have never heard of that being an issue with checked luggage at all. A few of our patients have been asked to take them out of their carry on luggage for inspection, but they are always allowed through. You should be just fine, and safe travels!


    Thanks Nicole,
    Hopefully if it’s in checked baggage it shouldn’t be a problem then,
    Thank you


    Good luck islandgirl! I remember once I was flying with my dilators soon after my procedure, and an older male ended up going through my bag, taking them out, and inspecting them. It was cringe-inducing at the time, but he didn’t confiscate them. He DID take a set of dull butter knives I had in my bag, though. I recommend putting dilators in checked luggage if possible to avoid some potential awkwardness at the airport!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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