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    Hi ladies. The National Vulvodynia Association (NVA) posted concerning a new film aimed at spreading the word about both Vulvodynia AND Sexual Pain. I believe this would be a wonderful avenue to also discuss vaginismus as so many of us have been affected by this condition and so much more needs to be done so it becomes more recognized.

    Excerpts from the NVA post today:

    “An acclaimed documentary team (previous works have premiered at the Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals) are making a documentary about Vulvodynia and sexual pain, and hormonal birth control and its potential side effects – and are reaching out to people living with this and related illnesses in search of subjects for the film. Here is a note from the team:

    This project is about and is inspired by powerful personal stories of women’s experiences with Vulvodynia, sexual pain, and/or hormonal contraceptives – conditions that affect physical, sexual and emotional lives.

    While we are looking for people living in all regions of the U.S. and internationally, we are especially interested in participants based in the northeast, from D.C. to Boston, but preferably New York City. We hope to represent the diversity of people with this illness in terms of race, region, gender, ethnicity, social class, severity of illness, approach to treatment, age, and length of time sick.

    As we aim to make a film about interesting people who happen to have sexual pain/pill side effects, rather than a film where sexual pain is the main character, we care just as much about you as we care about your illness. What did you do, love, or care about before you got sick? What has your illness stolen? What has it given? How have you come (or not) to accept your new body? What challenges (health or otherwise) are you currently grappling with? How have you found a way to continue doing, loving, caring?

    We are also interested in how the pill/vulvodynia affects the people around us: our partners, family, friends. If you are in that category, or if you are in a relationship with someone who has vulvodynia, we’d like to hear from you.

    By raising awareness and asking critical questions we hope this film will encourage those suffering in silence to seek solutions, and draw attention to women’s sexual health as a frontier in need of much greater exploration.

    If you think you might be interested in sharing your story, please email with the subject “Submission” and tell us a bit about yourself.

    Thank you in advance for your support!

    Rachel & Christina

    About us: We are passionate about women’s health, impassioned filmmakers, and creative, kind and caring people. We look forward to connecting and swapping stories with you – for a worthy and important cause.”


    “…As so many of us have been affected by this…”

    Just curious, have both of you? What are your own personal stories?

    Janet Pacik

    Hi 23years, Just wanted you to know that Rachel & Christina are not members of our Forum. Heather was quoting an except from “The National Vulvodynia Association (NVA)”. You may be able to contact them through the email address in Heather’s post.


    Ah gotcha thanks. I get it now. No I am not interested in contacting them. If this were a request from a board of a major teaching hospital for new physicians I would gladly reply. I just don’t think this avenue of film making “to raise awareness” by using such a private medical condition, that is not at all understood by most physicians, is really going to be productive. Until physicians and the medical community get involved in a greater sense, more research dollars are used, more schools focus on the issues, more Chiefs of medicine buy into the real problems facing women like myself, and take women’s health matters seriously, like Dr Pacik does, I don’t think there will be a dent in things. I mean sorry for sounding cynical but since the 1800’s women have suffered and there are one perhaps two physicians in the world making progress in this arena using Botox and albeit only recently by FDA approval. Perhaps the film is being designed to try to do this (raise awareness) but I kind of see it like trying to raise awareness that insurance companies should pay for hearing aids for anyone employed full time. It’s cost effective because there are not that many individuals, compared to the whole, that require them. But then again, the people in decision making positions, the corporate money makers, they don’t have to deal with it and their reasoning could be “well it’s the minority” so it’s not big enough or politically hot enough for us to care. Then again, no offense, a lot of these gurus are men. It’s a woman’s issue primarily. Yah it affects the family unit but its about caring about the cause. If people in money making/decision making positions don’t care about the cause, changes won’t happen. I hope some day somebody will prove me wrong…

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