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    JoNel Aleccia, senior writer for NBC News, wrote an excellent article about Dr. Pacik’s Botox Treatment Program for vaginismus.


    Excerpts from the article include:

    “To treat [vaginismus], Pacik injects the muscles at the entrance of the vagina with Botox, which works as it does in the face, interrupting nerve impulses and allowing the muscles to relax. “When I inject them, I put them asleep,” he said. “You would not be able to approach these people with a needle.” When they wake up, the women find that they are relaxed enough to allow penetration and, soon, to have normal sex with their husbands or partners.”

    The article goes on to further reference the successful use of Botox to treat another sexual pain disorder, vulvodynia:

    “[Pacik’s] work was echoed this week by a new report in the journal Archives of Dermatologythat said a 26-year-old woman was cured of vulvodynia, an excruciating, persistent burning vaginal pain, with the use of botulinum Toxin A injections.”

    This is an excellent article about Dr. Pacik and his Botox treatment for vaginismus that was written by the senior writer for NBC News ladies. Amazing!!! I would welcome your comments and feedback concerning this important article.

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