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    Hi all. In a prior post, I mentioned an excellent article about vaginismus and Dr. Pacik’s treatment program.

    Dr. Pacik wrote:

    “This article is on Dr. Oz’s website and is a very important breakthrough in getting vaginismus more well known. I urge you to comment, which can be done at the bottom of the article, as well as posting to Facebook and Twitter. In this way we can generate enough interest that both Dr. Oz’s TV show as well as others will start broadcasting more information about vaginismus. I encourage you to share your story anonymously if the spirit moves you. It will help break down the walls of silence surrounding this condition.”

    Currently, there are 7 excellent comments concerning this article and I encourage you to read it as well as comment. Let’s collectively help more women in 2014 to both discover the diagnosis of vaginismus as well as this treatment and to no longer suffer in silence.

    The link to the article is http://www.youbeauty.com/health/what-is-vaginismus

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