Distraction Techniques: Keeping your mind occupied post-vaginismus

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    Hi ladies. In a recent post, one of the Forum members wrote:

    “If the dilating is still uncomfortable, you must dilate while keeping your mind occupied. This helps to make the time pass much quicker. I find that just lying there dilating is not only boring, but also causes me to concentrate on how it feels way toooooo much.”

    I thought a lot about this and I think it is really important to keep your mind occupied both while dilating and prior to and during intercourse. I, like many, tend to over-think things and this can cause unnecessary anxiety and, as similar to what the writer said, a feeling of concentrating on one aspect way too much. I, too, found that distraction has helped so much in reducing anxiety with both dilating and intercourse. With dilating in the past, I would often take a nap while doing this or chat with friends on the phone. I even tried shopping while dilating once as I read that one member did this also. LOL. But, I never focused solely on dilating. With intercourse, my hubby and I often watch movies prior to and during, again as we find this enjoyable and it is a wonderful form of distraction from any lingering anxiety.

    Ladies, what distraction techniques have you found helpful to use both while dilating and also prior to and during intercourse?

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