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    On my dilation routine , 1 day I can achieve 5 number and with a gap of only 1 day , I am not even able to dilate number 4 . Any solution for this please.what should I do in that case ?should leave dilation to the next day?


    When a patient feels like they are stuck, and can’t get a dilator inside that they have previously been able to, I usually recommend that they take a little break for a few hours. When you feel ready, try to get into a very relaxed state, maybe with guided imagery, or progressive relaxation, and then try again with an even smaller size. Once they have success with the smaller size, continue to progress up step wise with the dilators.


    Thank you so much Melissa,

    I am still on my journey but have covered so many miles already on this road of vaginismus,
    at least i start my day with morning coffee , then my dilators set and what is new on this maze site which gives me more positive energy and confidence.

    i am sure that you and your team is helping and educating millions through this site.



    I have to second what Melissa said! I had this issue come up frequently when I was first dilating after my procedure and I had to keep myself from becoming frustrated. But in a way it really does follow the “shower principle.” When you leave a problem alone for awhile, the answer will often sneak up on you. In the same way, when I took a break for a few hours if I was having trouble dilating, I could often do it later when I was more relaxed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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