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    I slept with th glass purple last night,was very uncomfortable and dry.. Does sleepjng with the dilators get easy?

    I tried the pink and big blue over the weekend whilst the pink glides jn the blue just stops after the tip….. Will my vagina ever stretch enough to let th blue in? Anxiety seems under control now so not sure why the big blue wont go in….
    Can g ive up but just need encouragement…. Tried intercourse and even though relaxed doesnt happen as seems like hubby is same size as blue and it stops at the tip!
    Any suggestions




    Hi Sarah. Yes, sleeping with the dilator in gets MUCH easier. Try taking some Tylenol PM or Advil before bed. Also, make sure you put extra lube on the dilator. I remember being really uncomfortable at first, but I promise it gets better! Some mornings I even forget I have one in!

    How long are you leaving pink in before trying blue? At first the only way I could get blue in was if I dilated with pink at least for an hour. Also, sometimes even now when inserting blue(&sometimes pink) I notice it kind of “gets stuck” after the tip. I just have to push it a little harder to get the rest in. But it’s not painful at all. During the beginning of intercourse with my husband it normally does the same thing!

    You are doing great! Hope this helps! 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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