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    I’m 11 day post procedure. I should have gotten my regular period right after the treatment, but I took continual birth control in order to “skip” the period… which I’ve been told by doctors is fine, and have done once before without a problem.

    Now i’m having some light spotting, which seems to get heavier each time I use the dilators. I also notice that the dilators feel especially uncomfortable now. Has anyone else noticed that dilating while on your period is more painful? I don’t know if it’s just psychological…or maybe it’s related to cramping?

    Hopefully the spotting won’t last the whole month and I’ll be able to get back to my progress quickly. Should have just had the period- I wanted to skip it so that I wouldn’t interrupt my first week after treatment, but I think I made it worse. Don’t know why we try to mess with nature!



    I started my menstrual on Day 12 Post Procedure and I decided not to dilate for the first 3 days because I have such a heavy flow. I was a little nervous about stopping because I was dilating everyday faithfully and wanted to continue with my progress. Fortunately, everything was fine when I started dilating again when my flow was a lot lighter. I started with the smaller blue silicone, which I had never even used before but I wanted to make sure that I had no pain (which I didn’t it was more anxiety than anything else). The small blue went in so quickly I forgot that I was dilating. I was nervous that I was not going to angle it right since I had not dilated in 3 whole days. It was really funny because I try to think about something else when dilating and when I got the thought in my head it was completely in!!! I had to laugh at how anxious I was about the procedure and how my body reacted to dilating again. Like I said before “I need to catch up emotionally to where I am physically.” I was able to dilate back up to the pink with no problem. Now I am on to conquering Mr. Blue and making penile penetration possible!

    K Howard

    For the ladies that dilate while on their menstrual cycle….do you still sleep with the dilator every other night? Do you find that it’s more uncomfortable or have any issues? My menstrual cycle started on Day 9 Post Procedure and I hadn’t dilated for 5 whole days due to such a heavy flow. I started back dilating for the two hours on day 6 (last night) but was very hesitant in sleeping with the glass #4 overnight? Can anyone shed any light on this or have slept with them overnight while still menstruating?



    Hi Karla. This is a great question. I remember being so nervous about getting my first period post-procedure as I thought I would have issues taking even a short break from dilating. I skipped the first 3-days of my period and then started dilating again on day 4 and had no problem starting up again. I remember starting with the purple “pure romance” dilator then and working my way back up to blue. I also slept with the purple “pure romance” dilator staring again on night 4 and had no problems with this at all. Hope this helps!

    K Howard

    Thank you Heather. Yes, this is very helpful information and I will be sure to incorporate when my next cycle comes later this month! Thanks again.

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