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    I guess the title says is all 🙂
    Everywhere I read it says to dilate everyday, or max 5 times a week. But what during menstruation? First of all my body is super sensitive this time of the month, so my vaginal muscles would probably be even tighter than they already are on “normal” days. Second, is it ok to do it? I know other people insert a tampon during those days, but the dilator with the lube and everything, is it safe? is it ok?

    Thank you!


    It’s completely safe. Just more messy than usual.

    If you’re in too much discomfort, it’s OK to take a break, or to use a smaller size than usual. However, some women find that it’s actually easier during their period, because your vaginal muscles are relaxed to help evacuate the menstrual blood more easily.

    Personally, I’ve found it a mixed bag – I might be more tense or less tense depending on how much my cramps are bothering me.


    I second what Ettina says – it’s completely safe, just a more elaborate cleanup. But yes, if dilating is too uncomfortable you don’t want to reinforce the pain response to having something penetrate you, so don’t push through it at all costs if it’s truly uncomfortable. I think it’s definitely worth trying to at least use a small size to stay in the habit, but listen to what your body is telling you. Perfectly safe to do though!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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