Daily Questions (1/30/12) – What happens after dilating for 1 year?

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    Hi ladies. I e-mailed Dr. P a question today that I’m very curious about and I’d thought I’d pose it to the forum as well. I had my procedure in June and am able to have pain-free intercourse. I still, however, dilate very regularly as Dr. P has suggested doing this for a full year. I’m just wondering what happens after this year? Where I am having pain-free intercourse, do I stop dilating all-together? Right now, I honestly feel like I want to dilate forever b/c I never ever want vaginismus to come back!!! I’d love to hear from the veterans here???

    Dr. Pacik

    There are two major concerns of patients who have gone through the Botox program for vaginismus:
    What happens when the Botox wears of (about 4 months)
    What happens after a year.
    I advise my patients to dilate for about a year to help prevent regression. There is nothing scientific about this amount of time. I simply feel that by this time the muscles are completely stretched, fear and anxiety have pretty much disappeared, and the patient is having pain free intercourse.
    The simple answer to both concerns is that any time there is discomfort it is an indication to dilate somewhat more often. If you are sleeping with the medium dilator every third night , increase to every second night. If you have dropped back to dilating every so often, just increase the amount of dilation. Always reach for the dilators first and be patient, the muscles need to stretch once again. Start with a comfortable dilator size and work back up over time. For those who are willing to re-dilate when discomfort is first noticed, recurrence of vaginismus would be very rare.
    For those who are doing well, continue with whatever you are doing. Hope this helps.


    Hi Heather, I have the same concern. I totally have to dedicate a couple of hours every day to stop everything and lay down and dilate since ‘pink’ and ‘blue’ only go in for about 75% and 50% . I believe that Dr. Pacik is now offerering the new ‘glass dilators’ who are the same width but shorter, my plan is to try them and hopefully if I can get them in completely, I will be able to multitask and enjoy my evening activities again (such as cooking, exercising, taking yoga or language classes, etc ) while dilating at the same time. Can’t wait to get them and share the experience!

    Dr. Pacik

    The glass dilators are now available through my office. They are half the length of the pink and blue (#5 and 6 of 6) dilators, yet the same diameter. They are more comfortable and activities while dilating are easier. There are three dilators per set which are similar to the three larger dilators of the Pure Romance set (#’s 4-6).
    They can be ordered by calling Sue at 1 800 640 0290 or 603 669 0290.

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