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    Hi ladies. Here is the place to ask all of your daily questions about all aspects of vaginismus. Also, it is a wonderful place for all of us to provide suggestions, ideas, thoughts, and support to one another. Today, we have 2 daily questions. A patient has her procedure coming up in January. She has a couple of very good questions for the group. First, she asks if it is normal to be a bit sick and nervous prior to the procedure? Second, she asks if, after the procedure, she may need a cushion to sit as it may be painful? What do you guys think? Ideas.


    1) Yes, it is completely normal to be sick/nervous before the procedure. Every bio I have read and my first hand experience is that women with vaginismus have been through the ringer. I hoped that physical therapy, different medications, different specialists and dilators on their own would be cure. They all ended in disappointment so of course I was nervous/scared of the procedure. I am so glad I went through with it now!
    2.) I brought a travel neck pillow to sit on after the procedure. I only used it in the car the first day or two. I was pretty good to go after that. I definitely suggest some type of pillow just in case. The more organized and at ease you are before the surgery the less worry you’ll have afterwards.

    Amanda Miller

    1) yes you will be nervous just like any type of procedure you will be put under. However when you think about everything you have been through to get to this point you will be excited to be here. At the office they make you feel at home so they ease your nervousness immediately.
    2) I did bring a neck pillow also however I really didnt need it. I use it more now at home the I did in the office. I have trouble sitting with the dilators in so I just sit on the pillow and it makes it so much better!!!
    Just relax and know that when you leave there your life will be changed forever!!!!


    I was so nervous that I needed to be sedated. It is so normal to be nrevous.

    I didn’t need a pillow.

    You will do fine and your life WILL be changed forever!


    Girl Yes!! it is normal to be nervous. I was nervous all the way up into the O.R. I began to shake. Dr. P asked me if something was wrong or if I was just anxious and I said just anxious and then I woke up and it was over. lol. & question number two the office gave great advice to buy one of those airplane neck pillows to sit with. On the first day you’ll have to go back to your room with the dilator in and the neck pillow will help the commute back to the hotel. It helps because it raises you up off of the seat but has the hole for the dilator so it’s not uncomfortably pushing it further inside of you. I hope this helps. 🙂


    Hello girls!
    1) It is totally normal to feel a bit or a lot nervous. I suggest picturing yourself post-procedure with your happy new normal live! This helped me change my anxiety into excitement! Please trust that Dr. Pacik and his staff know what they are doing at every level.
    2) I did not bring anything for sitting down, I remember just sitting on one side of my body while commuting back to the hotel. I spent most of the time standing up or laying down anyways.
    Good luck!


    i too am very nervous about my up coming procedure and excited the same time for some relief. Just hope i will do well, thanks for the pillow tip, i will bring one with me.

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