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    Hi ladies. Today is a wonderful day as 2 women reported to Dr. Pacik that they achieved intercourse over the weekend! My sincere congratulations to both Lifi and Elizabeth! In Elizabeth’s story, she noted that she found Dr. P and the treatment as she read about it in the November issue of Cosmopolitan. This is so, so inspiring for all of us to keep doing more advocacy. One woman who was cured from vaginismus by Dr. P decided to share her story with Cosmo in November. Another woman, Elizabeth, who suffered with the same condition, picked up the magazine, read the article, contacted Dr. P, and is CURED today because it led her to his office and this AMAZING cure! It just takes one woman to speak up and share her story and it could truly reach and help women from all over the world!!! Very inspiring!!!


    Hi ladies. It is so very inspiring to me to read the stories of women who have discovered this treatment and have later been cured after reading about it in Cosmo and it motivates me to want to continue to advocate to spread the word about this condition in other magazines and media outlets. Kelseroo just mentioned a film as well and I think this is an excellent idea. A couple of other posts related to this one Cosmo article include:

    “I decided to keep researching and in late October came across the article in Cosmo. I emailed Dr. Pacik’s office in early November and had the procedure done in early December. I’m happy to report that yesterday – 34 days post-procedure – I had sex! :)”

    “My best friend found the Dr. Ps in Cosmo and I was relieved she had read it and recognized my condition because without her, I never would have been where I am now. I immediately contacted the office and was pleasantly surprised to receive a response by the next day. I have NEVER been at such ease among doctor’s & staff as I was in Dr. Pacik’s office, down to Tasha and the anesthesiologist. I had the procedure done last Tuesday and woke up not even feeling the blue dilator inside. This helped incredibly mentally because I KNEW it fit and it made me relax easier when practicing later. I’ve since been best friends with my purple dilator and find the glass No. 5 very easy and comfortable to work with. I know things will only keep progressing for the better and I can’t thank Dr. Pacik and his wonderful, sweet staff enough. I’ve never wanted children, maybe because in the back of my mind I never thought I could be capable of having sex, let alone bearing children. But I’ve since found myself ogling at my cousin’s new twins and looking forward to starting a family someday!”


    Hi ladies. There is another wonderful story recently posted from a patient who discovered the treatment from this one Cosmo article.

    Excerpts from her post include:

    “Hi, I wanted to introduce myself since I recently had the procedure done. I have been struggling with vaginismus for about 9 years (that I know of), and I’m so thankful I found Dr. Pacik! I’m currently a 27 year old 4th year medical student, and I find it troubling that, as a soon to be physician, I had barely heard of vaginismus as a medical condition. I think the work Dr. Pacik and all of you on this forum are doing is amazing. Before I came across these posts and started reading, I felt completely alone. From a young age I knew something was wrong when I couldn’t wear tampons, but I thought it was just me. In recent years, after beginning a serious relationship, my relationship began to suffer severely, and I knew there had to be something more. I felt broken, abnormal, and like I couldn’t do something that normal people are supposed to do. It became frustrating for both me and my boyfriend. I went from doctor to doctor and no one could tell me what was wrong. No one could come up with a treatment that would actually help. I tried dilators, physical therapy, psychotherapy, gabapentin, lidocaine jelly…I felt completely stuck. I felt like I would never be able to get married or have children… Then my mother came across an article in Cosmo magazine about Botox and I started googling..”

    It is so wonderful that in 2014, this article has still reached women with vaginismus and helped just so, so much. It is actually very inspiring to read something such as this as it motivates me to want to do whatever I can to see a similar article about Botox for Vaginismus also published in 2015 so no other women has to continue to suffer in silence with this condition when there is a treatment out there that works.

    Does anyone have any fresh thoughts on magazines, like Cosmo, in which we can submit articles and/or how to go about doing this in order to get published? Even if it touches just one person in 2015, it will be so worth it!!!


    First for Women
    Family Circle
    Fitness (they claim their mission statement is to assist women in mind, body and spirit)
    Good Housekeeping

    Just to name a few as you asked (smile)
    Thoughts: get the writers guidelines for 3-4 magazines that may accept your article.
    Send a query to the publisher (a letter) stating your article idea, how long you intend it to be, whether you will interview anyone, if there will be photos etc and then wait for them to reply and see what they say. Once they reply (you can wait awhile), you will see what they like or don’t about your idea and then you can send another query to several magazines refining your idea, etc and work out the details if your idea gets accepted.

    If I had the time I would do this and also pick up a copy of each magazine I want to query to see the styles most prevelant in them.

    Let me know if you need editing help! I am an amateur writer myself I just can’t devote any time to this at the moment for leg work but would be happy to be your proofreader and editor!!

    Best of luck!! Great idea!
    23 years


    These are all great ideas 23yrs!!!! :):):)

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