Confidence with dilating helps with transitioning

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    In an excellent recent post, Haley wrote:

    “So…. we were able to achieve full penetration last night for the first time ever!!! It wasn’t really planned, but I had dilated as usual before just in case. In the past when my husband would ask,”should we try?”, I would always get anxious and tense, but last night I was all for it! I have felt super confident dilating with all the sizes, so that definitely played into my new found confidence in bed. At first, I felt the usual stretching and kept asking if he was going in straight. After about 5-10 seconds he told me that he was all the way inside of me. I was shocked! I really had no idea. We both were so happy, it brought tears to my eyes as we just smiled at each other.”

    This is such a wonderful post and I’m so, so excited for you Haley. Your post also made me think quite a bit about the topic of confidence. The more confident that you felt while using all of the sized dilators, the more confident and less anxious you felt about trying. This is so similar to how I felt when we first transitioned. I worked with all of the sized dilators and the more “good hair days” so to speak that I had with using the larger sized dilators, the more and more confident that I felt. During this time, I was also in contact with Dr. Pacik through the daily logs and this too helped to boost my confidence greatly. In addition, the more the Botox began to work, the more and more confident that I became as well. And, always with more confidence came less and less anxiety. My husband noticed this confidence so much in me as well. So, I really think, like you wrote, the more confident that you become with dilating, the more confident you have for transitioning as you become less and less anxious.

    Ladies, did confidence while dilating also translate to confidence for transitioning?

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