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    Hi ladies. I came across another article about vaginismus in Cleo Magazine from May of 2012:

    I am happy in one regard that vaginismus is becoming more discussed and more well known in magazines as recent as May 2012. On the other hand, I wish that this particular article discussed Botox for vaginismus as the FIRST line of treatment. In the article, it states:

    “How can I fix it? – Find a women’s pelvic physiotherapist who understands vaginismus. A few gynecologists offer Botox to help the muscles relax and there are also pelvic muscle relaxation CDs available.”

    This is similar to the Dr. Oz segment that we discussed in which the sole method of treatment they examined was biofeedback. Similar to this, I personally know here that working with a physiotherapist alone or listening to a pelvic muscle relaxation CD would never ever have cured my condition. This was my prior reply to the Dr. Oz segment and, again is how I feel here as well:

    “I was a Pacik/Lamont level 5 patient with severe vaginismus. I personally know that the only thing that would’ve ever worked for me was Dr. Pacik’s Botox program with progressive dilation as I couldn’t even insert a q-tip prior w/out experiencing the fear/pain response that is vaginismus. I could’ve never inserted any type of bio-feedback mechanism and tried and failed at physical therapy in the past due to the same reason of being unable to insert anything without the fear and subsequent pain. Waking up with the dilator already in place post-procedure seriously flipped a switch for me and practicing to take out and re-insert the dilators just reinforced my new feelings of pain-free insertion and no fear whatsoever.”

    I encourage you to read the article and would love to hear your comments and feedback.

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