Cleaning glass dilators

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    Does anyone have tips to cleaning the glass dilators? I use a little bit of soap and warm water not hot yet when they dry the 4 mostly is cloudy in the inside. I don’t know why? Any tips to cleaning them and making them sparkle or is that ok? They do get cleaned after each wear.



    Hmmmm just thought after I posted this…are the glass dilators dishwasher safe? That may help the cloudiness I get. If we carefully stand them on the spoked so they don’t rattle around? Or is a dishwasher to hot? They are made with the same glass Pyrex dishes are made of.



    I usually just wash mine with warm water and soap too, and rinse the inside hole part out too. I guess sometimes mine appear cloudy too, but I think they are alright. 🙂

    Janet Pacik

    I have asked our source who makes these glass dilators to comment on this post as I feel it would be very helpful to all of us to have this information. She is not available right now but has indicated that she will be visiting our Forum to respond shortly.



    I love how us women, no matter in what context, want our items to “sparkle”…

    On a serious note, it might be your water. I’ve never had a problem with just warm soup and water. I let them air dry on a towel and no water spots or cloudiness. I do wash the outside and run water on the inside as well. If water is “too hard” it can leave a film or residue on glass. So that may be what is happening?

    On a lighter note, I don’t know about any other lady, but I’m kinda shocked how “warm” the dilator gets after removing. When I need a little “pick me up” in the self esteem department, I mutter to myself that I must be “hot stuff” when I take it out!!

    Hopefully Janet’s contact to the maker of the product will have some good answers.

    Here’s hoping for a sparkly shiny D for the Big V!

    Remember, WE ROCK ladies!

    23 years


    Hello Ladies!

    I am Shellie and we make the glass dilators for Dr Pacik! First of all I agree with 23 years, we all do need our sparkle! But on to your question, the dilators are absolutely dishwasher safe, and KatieG, I, like you put them on the little spokes of my dishwasher so they don’t “clank” against anything else. I am not sure what could be causing the cloudiness, but I am betting the suggestion that it is in the water quality is a good one. The dilators are made from extra heavy wall scientific tubing that is the same quality of glass that they use in laboratories and they should just wash easily with soap and water and be sparkling clean. I would ask one additional question, do they stay cloudy forever after that happens or eventually do they return to what you expect to see? If I don’t have an answer I will certainly see what I can do to get you one!



    I have Manchester water as I’m a local! I’m going to try the dishwasher and see what happens. They are clean I know for fact I do wash them. It’s more the 4 that’s cloudy the others are ok. Hmmm could it be my water? It’s not bad just annoying.


    Thank you for posting this question as I have had mine for two years and hand wash them with warm soapy water inside and out and let them air dry. I too get the water spots and cloudiness and we have a water softener. With two teenage kids I have been very reluctant to put them in the dishwasher and also afraid they will break from the water being too hot. But I’m going to give it a try while the kids are in school. 23years I love what you said about the dilators being warm after using them and that we are “hot stuff”. 🙂


    Haha, 23yrs that post about hot stuff made me laugh, that is great! I too have noticed how hot they get, I was pretty shocked but I guess since our body temp is 98.6 it makes sense that they would get a little hot.


    I like to take the serious and find humor in between the clouds at times. Good for the spirit.

    Glad I could make you laugh. We go through enough, laughing at ourselves and about ourselves and with supportive others is so very important. Laughter is the best medicine~

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