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    Hi ladies. I recently tried using the Candy Stick and highly recommend it. It is basically a vibrating dilator that is just a little bit larger than Big Blue (Pure Romance). The good thing is that it is made of the same silicone material as the Pure Romance Dilators and is comfortable to insert. It also is incredibly useful for relaxation prior to intercourse. For those in the process of transitioning to intercourse or for those who have hubbys/partners who may be a little larger than Big Blue, I would highly suggest trying this as well.

    The Candy Stick vibrating dilators can be purchased through Dr. Pacik’s office by calling 1-603-669-0290 or 1-800-640-0290. The price is $75.00 and are being offered at a 10% discount to any of Dr. Pacik’s patients. They are available in Strawberry, Apple or Grape.


    Hi ladies. My hubby and I continue to enjoy using the “grape” Candy Stick as a very fun part of our foreplay. If I were to see this on the day after my procedure, I would’ve been intimidated by it’s size as it is a little bigger than the larger blue dilator. However, I can assure all of you reading this that it is an excellent product and nothing at all to be intimidated by. I find it very useful for relaxation prior to intercourse and my hubby and I have so much fun with it. For those who are in the process of transitioning to intercourse, this can help significantly as it both relaxes you as well as continues to stretch you, like the dilators. For those of you who may be struggling becoming used to thrusting, the Candy Stick is a great tool to use to practice the in and out thrusting motion in a more relaxed state with the vibration. It is also just very fun to use as a couple and enhance intimacy with one another. For those of you who have purchased the Candy Stick, would you also recommend it to future patients?


    I am Doing much better after incorporating the candy stick for 5-6 minutes before intercourse. I’ve had 0 pain with it for about a month now 🙂 never knew a simple change\addition could help out so much!
    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is having slight discomfort from just dilating with pure romance, because I needed something a little more, and I didn’t even know it until 6.5 months post procedure. And, let me add I’ve had the Candy Stick hidden away because the size was so intimidating to me, but you can do it, as long as you take your time with dilating and incorporate it slowly. Just keep in mind that the vagina was meant to stretch, and you CAN do it!!!!

    My Dilating Routine:
    Pink Glass: 1 hour
    Blue Glass:35 minutes
    Blue Silicone: 35 minutes ( I add in the silicone because of the length)
    Candy stick- 5-6 minutes…

    Not saying this is the routine that will work for everyone, but it is something I have found that works for me, and I am thrilled that I no longer have to be in pain 🙂

    Keep your heads up ladies!


    This is so great mmbayles. Another patient also writes the following regarding the Candy Stick:

    “I just want to thank you for introducing me to the Candy Stick vibrator. I have been stuck in a rut for the past few weeks knowing that I was ready to have sex but unable to move on from the dilators. Dilating seems so mechanical and unsexy to me . . . I just could not “get in the mood”. When the Candy Stick arrived, I was excited about incorporating this into my dilation schedule. I first dilated with the Pure Romance “Miss Pink” for 20 minutes and then “Mr. Blue” for another 20 minutes. Then I felt ready for the Candy Stick. Wow! I did find it was easy to relax with the Candy Stick and it definitely helped me “get into the mood”. I am now ready to have my husband take part in my dilation with the Candy Stick . . . I’ll keep you posted! How Sweet It is!”

    Have you used the Candy Stick? Would you recommend it to future patients?


    Hi guys,
    I realise this is a very old post but I’m in Australia and wondering where I can get my hands on this Candy stick.
    I have done the Botox injections here. Not the same as Dr Pacik though as I didn’t wake up with the dilators in.
    Been doing physio and made heaps of progress.
    Problem is my largest dilator is slightly smaller than my husband and I think that’s why we are currently hitting a wall.
    I don’t want to go backwards in progress so I jumped on here and heard about the Candy stick-this might be just the thing I need hopefully! Plus I’ve used a smaller vibrator and that goes in no problems. Hoping this will not only go I easily but also basically help me dilate before trying intercourse.
    Hope someone answers!!


    Hi Mary85 – I did some looking around online and unfortunately this vibrator doesn’t seem to be available anymore. It’s very common for them to go out of production, but there’s still a ton of great vibrators out there. The doctors at Maze may be able to recommend something more specific, but you can find some vibrators recommended by the clinic here:

    You can also browse a ton of options at and filter them by factors like width and length if you’re looking for something closer to the size of your husband’s penis:

    Hope this helps!


    Thanks so much! But ahhhhh that online store is so daunting.
    I’m hoping maybe someone can give me advice on specifically larger diameter vibrators. It’s only because my partner is a bit bigger than my biggest dilator and I’m hoping this dilator can serve the dual purpose of being a dilator/pleasurable?
    If that makes sense!
    I’m not even sure it will work but like I said I’ve come too far to go backwards now.
    I really appreciate your help though recessivegenequeen so please don’t think I don’t! I’m just hoping someone knows an almost exact alternative of the candy stick and could recommend!


    Mary85, I totally understand! I hope someone can swing through with a recommendation as well – sex toy shopping can be really intimidating. Before I’d gotten my botox treatment, I couldn’t walk into a sex shop without feeling faint just because it felt like a lot to confront all those different options, especially the ones I couldn’t use.

    That being said, if you live near a big city, researching whether there are any well-regarded sex shops nearby could be a good next step if you’re feeling intimidated. The good ones are usually staffed by knowledgeable women (and men) who know their wares and could recommend something close to the candy stick. In-person stores are also nice because you can feel the product before you buy it (sometimes even try the pulsation settings on your hand to see what kind of options you’ll get). You could even bring your largest dilator with you to help find a more comparable size. I know that doing this might seem even scarier, but the truth is there’s so many products out there and it’s hard to know what will really work for you without seeing different options. Hope it helps!

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