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    I need help! Has anyone experienced a long period. My periods are 11/12days long up begin with. I thought it finally stopped wed night. So th I advanced to glass 6. (I wrote a success story) and then yesterday I started bleeding heavy again 🙁 it came to me as a big shock!!! What is going on with my body??? I don’t want another week of a stupid lousy period. Will it ever end. Has this happened to anyone.

    It’s really putting a damper on my husband and I bc we wanted to attempt sex this weekend & now I don’t see it happening if my period is back 🙁


    I can hear your angst through your words and I have had many gynecological issues and of course the big V for 23 years right? So I guess from the outside looking in and again I will preface that I am on the OUTSIDE looking in…

    But first I am not a doctor so I don’t want to comment on the physical part. The emotional part I will though. As someone who has been living with the big V for 23 years, I am “in the zone” now. I just know with 100% certainty that this is my cure. BUT I have not attempted intercourse yet so I can’t say it’s been a success. But I’m already a winner. That’s how I feel deep in my heart. My point is, I get the disappointment and frustration with the period thing and I’ve had all sorts of those issues in my 20’s and early 30’s and then came the fertility issues. However, what’s one more day? One more week? One more month?

    Our bodies have gone thru he** and back with everything right? As women we are subject to hormonal changes, stress that affects our monthly cycles and you name it. Perhaps a consult with your GYN is in order here. Maybe there’s something going on hormonally or that, coupled with stress, has kind of shocked your system. But I can tell you from experience, our emotions directly effect our cycles and vice versa.

    As for the dilation, the big V and intercourse? Try to turn down the volume on the frustration voices and pent up angst. Just a little. Then, take a positive step to figure out what’s up with your cycle. Don’t beat yourself up because you are already a very strong and brave person for living with this and going through this process. Don’t doubt that. The rewards will be great, at precisely the right time. Have no doubt. And please let us know how you are doing.

    Wish I could bring you your favorite “feel good” beverage and give you a hug. It will work out. Promise.

    ~23 years

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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