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    Hi all,

    I’m 2 weeks post-Botox and doing really well so far. I’ve been able to insert up to the largest dilator in the set with relatively no pain when lying on my back. While dilating, I try to move the dilators around as much as possible. Once they are in, I can rock them side to side/twist them without discomfort, but removing them or pushing them up and down causes a burning sensation. It isn’t unbearable but it’s not comfy and it seems to only occur when I’m pulling the dilator downwards (it’s not as bad pushing it back up). It doesn’t seem to matter which size I use; even the #4 seems to cause it. Is this normal so early in, or could this be potentially part of something else? Thanks!


    Hi Amoebabutter – congrats on getting the botox procedure and moving through the dilators! That’s really amazing news and you should feel very proud of yourself.

    I’m inclined to think the burning sensation is just part of the muscle stretching that can cause soreness (which often feels like a burning sensation), but it’s hard to say. I think as long as it’s not an acute stabbing pain it’s probably just the adjustment process, but you’re the only one who can speak to how bad the pain is. Do you feel the same kind of soreness after you dilate as well?


    Hi there,

    Thanks a bunch! I’m hoping it’s from muscle stretching too, tho I guess we’ll see. I really only feel it towards the entrance when I’m dilating, it isn’t as bad deeper in. But there isn’t really any pain afterwards, none of it really lingers. It’s just like a warm/burning feeling when I move the dilator downwards. Im gonna keep trying to practice moving it in and out more and hopefully that helps!


    I think what you are describing is totally normal.
    The tightest muscle group is the one right at the entrance, so that can take longer to stretch than deeper muscles.
    As long as you don’t have any unusual discharge, odor, itching, than I don’t think you have an infection. Sometimes a yeast infection or bacterial infection can cause a burning feeling, but it is usually also accompanied by other sx.
    You can try some topical lidocaine with the dilation, that might help with the burning. But a burning sensation is usually from stretching, and is a feeling that is expected with dilation, even after botox for the first month or so.
    Keep up the amazing work! Dilation is not easy, and it sounds like you are doing great.


    Totally agreed with Melissa that as long as it’s mostly at the entrance it’s just the everyday pain of stretching from dilating – which is really annoying especially after so much pain most of us come into the vaginismus experience with, but it’s hopefully the last sexual pain you’ll ever feel before you really start to rebuild your relationship to your vagina. Keep up the great work, I can tell you’re SO close!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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