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    I am almost 6 weeks post procedure. I couldn’t really dilate for the first 2.5 weeks but after I was making really great progress and for the past 1.5 week or so I’ve been getting really good at it, dilating with a 4 or 5 comfortably with minimal to no discomfort. I also would wear the 5 all night, and the 4 all day, without even feeling like anything was inside of while walking, shopping, working.

    However, 3 days ago, I noticed a burning sensation inside my vagina when the dilator was 2/3 inside of me. It wasn’t much at first, but everyday since then, the burning sensation has become worse and worse. Every time I dilate now it’s always painful towards the end.This morning, when sizing down even, the burning pain was so excruciating, that I burst into tears. It only happens when I’m pushing the dilator in for the last inch and a half or so. My period is coming in the next 3 days so I’m wondering if this has anything to do it. I’ve tried googling for advice and some people say it’s normal to be sensitive before your menses but others say that I should get it checked out by a doctor. Right now, I’m so afraid that there may be something wrong with me.

    I was doing so well but now I’m scared to dilate 🙁
    Any advice?


    Hi melanie87. You are doing so, so, so, so good post-procedure and continue to do so. Whenever I felt any anxiety post-procedure, I always reminded myself (as did my hubby) that I was so very far from where we once were. I felt a ton of sensitivity around my period and it did cause the burning you describe. Following my period, this got so much better and I was able to resume dilating back up to the #4 or #5 that I was comfortable with prior to the period. I also wanted to share a post from Becca in which she describes similar sensitivity with dilating around her period:

    She writes: “Also, the last two nights I have woken up to sharp, stabbing pain in my vaginal area – I’m assuming caused by my dilators somehow. The first night I was sleeping with the #5 and last night was the #4, and both times I could not get comfortable again and had to take it out. I am really not sure what could be causing it but was wondering if the vaginal area might be more sensitive since I am close to starting my period? I have heard some friends say they have noticed more sensitivity around that time, so just curious if that may be what’s going on for me? Has anyone else experienced this?”

    Please, please know we are all here to support you. Sending you big hugs!!


    I caught something you wrote and am on my phone so I won’t copy and paste but you stated you wore a dilator all night AND all day? Perhaps you are wearing them too long? I will let Dr Pacik comment and of course he is getting your logs. I would get sore in the early days and I used the cream Dr Pacik recommended. I also may have used the surgical lube a bit longer than recommended too. But I wonder if you are getting dry and therefore irritated from friction inside from moving or walking because you are wearing them too long?

    I would double check with Dr Pacik but it sounds like stretching muscle and perhaps a little fatigued…

    Wishing you lots of luck on your journey! You WILL overcome!!
    My best
    23 years

    Dr. Pacik

    Hi Melanie87
    All of the above comments are correct. Some women develop increased sensitivity as long as two weeks before their cycle. Some have extreme sensitivity days before menses. I also feel you are over dilating. You have done amazingly well post treatment; I recall the difficulties you had early on. I would suggest that you follow my protocol dilating two hours a day and sleeping with the #4 every second night. This is all treated patients need.
    Since you are approaching the three month mark you should be able to reduce your dilation schedule to one to one and a half hours a day, sleeping with #4 every third night and then eliminating the dilator during sleep. Everyone is different and this is why your daily logs are important.
    How long was it before you were able to advance to #5? I only have a one month post treatment log.
    Are you still seeing the physical therapy in your area?
    I feel you have made remarkable progress having had this condition for eleven years. This is a minor normal setback and you do not need to see a GYN for this. Please do not push the dilator in all the way where the tip hits your cervix. This too can cause pain.
    I will watch for your response to my questions. My best.


    Hi Dr. Pacik,

    I just sent you my dilation log. 2 months post-op I’ve now been able to dilate with the 6 silicon pretty comfortably. We attempted tip only intercourse just yesterday and it was amazing! We would have gone all the way but it was hard adjusting to the right angle (we were in missionary position). Hopefully we’ll be able to do full intercourse once we practice more…

    I agree with you about the over dilating. I realized that not only was I super sensitive before my menses, but I was also sore from over dilating. I took a small break while on my period and cut down a little bit after resuming. The burning pain went away once my period ended. I’m going to try dilating every other day but as weird as it sounds I think I’m becoming “addicted” to dilating, which is a problem I thought I would never have, considering I’ve been scared of any kind of penetration for most of my life.

    I am still seeing a physical therapist, Heather Jeffcoat. She’s wonderful and although her treatment plan is much different from yours, I’ve been incorporating her methods into my dilating plan. Doing both seems to be working well!


    I always feel extra sensitive about a week and a half before my menstrual period begins. During that time I dilate less and that is okay. It won’t cause a major set back, and if it does you can always start small and work your way up. I also find that when i feel that burning sensation I do the kegal exercises as I am slowly inserting the dilator. That was a suggestion of Dr. Pacik and it really does help alot. If you clench your muscles and then slowly push in the dilator as you release you can feel it ease in with less discomfort. After a while the burning sensation lessens and it goes away.

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