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    Hi all!
    I am 20 years old and have recently started using a set of dilators for about a week now. I am able to get dilator #2 in while only feeling slight pressure. I left it in for around 20 minutes, and when pulling it out I felt pretty confident about the process. The next day I felt some burning in my overall abdominal area. It burned when I went to the bathroom, and was just overall unpleasant. It is now day 2 after my dilation session and I still feel a some burning but it has gotten slightly better. I am currently using “Slippery Stuff” lubricant and am wondering if this could be what’s irritating me? Is this burning normal? Once it subsides will I be okay to continue? For future reference what amount of pain is normal and/or concerning after a standard dilation session?
    Thank you!


    Hi phia2020! First of all, congratulations on your success so far with dilating – getting to the second dilator is a big deal! I looked up the lubricant you’re using and honestly it looks like it could be the issue. Water-based lubes dry out really quickly and I much prefer a lube with a silicone blend (Sliquid is a great brand), or even organic coconut oil, which is a great lube substitute.

    A slight “burning” feeling in the vagina after dilating is normal – that’s your muscles stretching! It’s how it’s “supposed” to feel (if you’ve ever taken up a new exercise routine, think about how your body hurts the next day in all the places it’s not used to being worked) and it means that the dilation is working. I know this feeling can be sort of concerning at first, especially since vaginismus already involves a feeling of sexual pain, but the sore burning sensation means you’re making progress and your vagina is getting used to penetration.

    I think the pain will get less acute if you get a better lube like a silicone blend or coconut oil. I will say, if the pain of dilation ever feels SHARP or stabbing immediately, stop and don’t further hurt yourself. But next-day burning is a part of the process and is a sign that you’re making progress!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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