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    Hi ladies. There is a great new blog posted today about having fun with the dilators prior to intercourse.

    Prior to the procedure, when I even heard the word “dilator”, I associated this with an unpleasant feeling. Post-procedure and once I learned how to dilate and became comfortable with this, I realized that you can actually enjoy the larger dilators prior to intercourse. My husband and I often experimented with them as part of our foreplay.

    The blog further discusses how some patients use vibrators to help them relax while dilating and how this has helped them with transitioning to intercourse. It goes on to describe the new Candy Stick vibrating dilators by Papaya Toys.

    Excerpts include:
    “After doing some research and speaking to the representative of Papaya Toys, my staff and I decided that the Candy Stick by Papaya Toys could help our patients a great deal with dilating and transitioning to intercourse once they are comfortable using the larger dilators in the Pure Romance Set. The Candy Stick is equivalent to the #6 Dilator – “Mr. Blue” as some of my patients call it.”

    “Patient Testimonial – When the Candy Stick arrived, I was excited about incorporating this into my dilation schedule. I first dilated with the Pure Romance “Miss Pink” for 20 minutes and then “Mr. Blue” for another 20 minutes. Then I felt ready for the Candy Stick. Wow! I did find it was easy to relax with the Candy Stick and it definitely helped me “get into the mood”. I am now ready to have my husband take part in my dilation with the Candy Stick.”

    I, too, have the grape candy stick and love it. I would highly recommend it for relaxation with dilating as well as prior to intercourse. Here is a prior post that I wrote in which I discussed the candy stick.

    Ladies, what have been your experiences in using the largest dilators or vibrators? Did you find that it helped you with relaxation prior to dilating or intercourse?

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