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    In the beginning of 2017, Melissa wrote:

    “In 2016 Maze performed 30 Botox procedures. 30 women who decided it was time to change their lives. I only can hope that 2017 brings more women through our doors for this wonderful procedure.”

    So many amazing success stories were shared in 2017 from women who had the Botox procedure.

    Melissa has written:

    1.24.17: I just received this email from a patient who had her procedure in August. I wanted to share her story, because she is someone who had to work a little harder at dilation than some patients. It can be hard for patients when they don’t find dilation “easy” right after they have the procedure. Everyone’s post op recovery is different, and some patients, the dilation can be more challenging than others. I continued to be in contact with this patient, and she worked on a consistent home dilation program as well and getting set up with a physiotherapist to help her. Here is her update four months after the procedure:

    Hi Melissa,

    I wanted to provide you (and MAZE) with a quick update. I can’t seem to access the portal, so I thought I would email. I’m still dilating and going to a pelvic floor physiotherapist every other week which has greatly helped my progress. I’m able to wear tampons if I want to during my period which wasn’t possible before. On New Years Eve, my boyfriend and I were able to have full intercourse for the first time. Since then, we’ve been practicing and experimenting with positions and thrusting more and more. Each time, it is less painful and last night it was pleasurable for me. Part of me still can’t believe how far I’ve come since I came to MAZE in August, especially since vaginismus has affected me for so many years. I finally feel more normal and can’t begin to thank you and the rest of the team at MAZE. I love sharing this post, because it shows that if you stick to the program it will work! Every patient is different, but I believe that every patient can be successful.”

    2.2.17: Here is another email from a patient who just had her procedure on Monday:

    Hi Melissa,

    I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you did yesterday and today. I couldn’t have done my dilation without your support and encouragement. I felt extremely comfortable with you and the whole staff at Maze. It was the best medical visit/experience I have ever had. I am also really happy that I will get to stay in contact with you weekly, I think it will help me feel even more confident with my dilations knowing that you will be checking up on me.

    At Maze we understand vaginismus, and everything that goes along with that diagnosis. We are here for our patients to get them through it, encourage them, and make their treatment a success.

    8.10.17: Here is another Maze success story. This patient worked really hard and took her almost four months to have intercourse, but she never gave up, and we are so proud of her! She sent me this email recently and said I could share it.

    Hello Melissa,

    I realized today it was exactly one year ago I had my Botox done. I am still amazed at the progress I have made and how impossible has become possible. I am now having pain free, pleasurable intercourse! I also recently had a successful Pap smear and am able to wear tampons if I wish (not sure if you remember, wanting to wear tampons was one of my goals). I also wanted to share some other exciting and happy news. Matthew and I recently got engaged and plan to marry next summer. It was important to both of us to seek treatment and be able to have intercourse before we planed to get married. Thank you for everything you and MAZE did for me. I am glad for it on a daily basis.”

    These are only 3 of the many success stories of 2017. I had the Botox procedure for vaginismus in 2011 with Dr. Pacik. We created this Forum together in 2012 to provide a wonderful community of support surrounding vaginismus and to ensure that no one going through it would ever have to feel alone again. We also believed so much in advocating to spread the word about both the condition of vaginismus and the Botox treatment program. When Dr. P retired, I, along with so many of the patients who were also cured with the Botox treatment program were terrified that future patients would no longer be able to have this treatment. Thank God this is not the case. Dr. Pacik trained the group at Maze and they offer the full Botox treatment program for vaginismus. Also, so importantly, like Dr. Pacik, they care about their patients and “get it”. In terms of “getting it”, those with vaginismus will understand this so well. So many doctors and providers that I visited while having vaginismus did not understand the condition and so many said to “just relax”. Maze “gets it” and understands what one goes through while having vaginismus and how to treat it. They treat the very real physical aspect of the condition (the blocked, wall of resistance, pain feeling) as well as the emotions that go along with the condition. For me personally, the Botox treatment program was the only thing that worked to cure my vaginismus and I love to read of the success stories of other women overcoming each and every year.


    These stories are so INSPIRATIONAL! Amazing! I love reading the success stories, too. Everyone’s journey is different but the outcome is life-changing.

    I’ve heard that Maze is getting more and more new patients, and I’m sure it has to do with all of the successes written about in this forum (and hopefully vaginismus getting more well-known). 🙂


    I’m so glad we have the forum – discovering this site and Dr. Pacik’s book before I had fixed my vaginismus were indispensable as I was seeking courage and answers, but as someone who’s on the other side of the procedure I still find it a great place to reflect on the journey and to support other women who are going through the same thing. I would have given a lot a few years ago to find someone who really understood me, and I’m so glad there’s a community supporting everyone who is on this path together.

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