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    Yes, it has been 608 days since my procedure! Oh what a transformation!

    I recently touched based with Dr. P to catch up and thank him again for his commitment to helping women. He encouraged me to revisit this site. I am just thrilled after reviewing the posts and threads that Dr. P and his team are still encouraging and supporting woman and even more so…changing lives.

    I too agonized (in silence) for twenty-two years from Vaginismus and before my procedure felt like less of a woman. Today, I’m elated to write that I am now whole. I enjoy pain & anxiety free intercourse, experienced TWO annual OB/GYN appointments (pap test and all) without tears fear or sneers and I am able to talk to close friends, family and current sufferers about Vaginismus.

    It has been and will always be a pleasure to be an ambassador, raise awareness and advocate for a very misunderstood condition.

    I wish you all continued success!


    Congrats Tabia! This is so wonderful to read. I remember when we both participated in Dr. Diana’s radio show together! Great, great job!!!

    Dr. Pacik

    Tabia-this is such an important post for others to understand that long term success can be expected from the treatment. You were part of the FDA approved study group. I recently compiled my data for a paper I am writing. Of the 31 patients, 30 were successful with their goals of achieving pain free intercourse or for the 2 single patients, progression to the large dilators without pain (97 % success rate). One patient failed treatment though she progressed to the large dilators. There were no recurrences and no complications in this group which is now at least one year post procedure.

    With your long term experience we would all value your input to the many important questions and observations that are being posted. Thanks for joining us.


    Tabia, your post is so encouraging. One of my fears is that it will come back. It has been just about 162 days for me and I find that I’m very anxious every time I have intercourse with my husband, fear that now that the Botox has probably worn off…..even though I still am able to pain free. This last month I have had to travel a lot and there was two separate weeks where I was not able to dilate every day like I normally do when I’m at home. After having Vaginismus for over 30 years I still find that I am very anxious and scared that it is going to come back. Thank you for posting as it has given me encouragement that it won’t. Now if I can just get my mind to believe it. :0)


    Hi Heather! Yes, I remember the show! Thank you and thanks for all you do!

    My pleasure Dr. P! I will continue to share and offer encouragement.

    Nakitalab be encouraged! It gets better with time. I felt the same way but I’ve found that our Vagina is just like a rubber band it will stretch with no problem when you need it to. You will continue to have your moments but that time will come when you are convinced. Hang in there!


    Thanks, Tabia. I really appreciate your words of encouragement!

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