6 months since my procedure :)

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    So it’s been a while since Ive been on here. I want to share with everyone & Dr.P how I’m doing. I am 6 months post procedure and couldn’t be better. My husband and I started having sex after a month into my procedure. It’s great to finally enjoy one another more. Right away once we learned we could have sex we started using ovulation kits to help us start tracking my cycle to try for the baby we’ve been dreaming about for years. 6 months in no baby yet but I’m sure it will come when the time is right for us.

    For the months leading up to botox wearing off (in sept) I was dilating daily 2 hours at night 4, 5, 6 and sleeping every other night with 4. I was feeling wonderful and still am. Around October I started weaning off dilating nightly and doing it a few times. I started dilating less maybe only an hour at night every other night. I still dilated 4,5,6 on nights I was not on my period and wanted sex with my husband. I found I had to go up to 6 to make my vagina stretched enough to feel comfy with sex if I didnt I was still very tight and it becomes harder. My husband and I are still working on Forplay before sex which is key to a great night in bed! It’s hard for me as with V I would cringe and not want him touching me and I’m still wrapping my head around that. We have tried so many different positions just so we aren’t bored. I find some positions I feel some pain vs others. I am also excited I can finally wear tampons yay!!!!

    Now being December, I am slowing down on dialating. I think my body is used to it that it can handle it with no problem. (I know not everyone’s can do quickly) I remember Dr. P Saying we will wean off it and not be dilating the rest of our life. I have stopped sleeping with my 4 glass (hope that’s ok:-/) and I pretty much dilating only when we have sex and im ok with this. (occasionally 1 or 2 other times during the week) I will do 4,5,6 glass for about 10-20 minutes before sex which streches my muscles enough to let us have sucessful sex 🙂 At 1st scared to dilate after taking 2-3 weeks off. I was scared I was going to regress and have to start from square 1. Low and behold with encouragement from my amazing hubby who’s been by my side through it all, said things will be ok and they were. My muscles were a little tight but not closed up like I thotght. Things worked out and I was still able to dilate fine. Phew. I feel my body has done so well and I am finally becoming the “normal” person I never thought I would be. I know cannot wait for the day my husband and I can enjoy sex dialation free. Ladies, keep up with dialating. Not everyones body is going to heal as quickly as I did. Some will take longer then others.

    With all my sucess I want to thank Dr. P and staff for all the help you have done for me and my husband. I am also thankful for my awesome husband for sticking by my side through everything and for being by my side when I needed him the most though the tough days of dilating. He’s been by my side wheh I wanted to quit!! I cannot wait for the day we can announce to family and friends that we are pregnant. Hopefully it’s sooner then later!!! We are on our way with the help of my gynecologist

    I would like to know how is everyone done since their procedures? Have you had much sucess as I have? We’re you able to slow down dialation or do you still dialate daily?


    Dr. Pacik

    Congratulations Katie. Thanks for your wonderful post with all the detail. I hope some of the others will share their stories how long they dilated after treatment.
    I normally recommend weaning off dilation after about 6 months, but do encourage some dilation for about a year to avoid regression. Every person is different and you have the experience to “read” your body. Any time there is difficulty with penetration, or pain with sex, it simply is an indication that more dilation is needed for some period of time.
    Getting pregnant is yet another challenge after overcoming vaginismus. As we all know, and as you stated, it will happen when it is meant to be.
    It has been a joy helping you and your honey!


    Thanks so much Dr. Pacik I definetly will keep in touch with you. Thanks for everything!!!


    Hi Katie. Huge, huge CONGRATS on your tremendous success! You are doing phenomenal! As far as dilation, I completely agree with what Dr. Pacik said and also weaned down the time that I dilated within the first year post-procedure. I also had a great idea for getting ready for spontaneous sex (sex without dilation first). I wanted to do this very badly with my husband but always felt like I needed to have the feeling of dilating first in order to be stretched and not fearful of pain. To get over this, we started to introduce vibrators into our foreplay. To me, they were so similar to the dilators and I got the needed readiness for intercourse and my husband and I really enjoyed bringing this added fun into our foreplay. We used the We-Vibe, Candy Stick, and Lelo Liv vibrators at various times and highly recommend them. Ladies, what else has helped you personally to achieve spontaneous sex post-procedure (i.e. without dilating in advance)?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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