4 months post procedure

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    Hi friends!
    This is my first post on the forum. here goes…
    First, Dr. Pacik’s procedure changed my life. If you are reading this and you have been on the fence about it – do it! I live in South Dakota and decided I had a lot of life left to live so took the plunge and I’m so glad I did.

    Within a month (or so) of the procedure, my husband and I had sex. For me…it was the first time I had ever encountered pain free sex, and I’m 34. Amazing. I feel so much closer to him and we’re working on getting pregnant! I didn’t think I would even be able to TRY to get pregnant. fingers crossed.

    However, I’m 4 months post procedure now and just spent 3 weeks in a hospital with my Mother in ICU. As I stood vigil by her bedside the entire time, I didn’t take care of myself, which included not dilating. I did it for the first week but it became too much to keep this up in a public restroom and sleeping in a chair, etc. Therefore, I went two full weeks without dilating.

    Now Mother is better (for now) and I returned home to a regular dilation schedule, only I have sharp pain at 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock areas of the vagina like I used to. It isn’t as severe but the area is so terribly sensitive to the touch, it makes me cringe and the thought of sex is off putting.

    I can feel the anxiety rising in me as the days progress and the pain doesn’t go away. I have been dilating down and gradually working my way up again but each time I touch the lower portion of vaginal entryway, it stings terribly. I’m so frightened of going right back to where I was.

    My urge is to run to the nearest facility with botox to reclaim exactly what I’ve had for the last few months. This is close to the time of my period (which used to always increase my pain prior to botox), I have interstitial cystitis and can tell there is some bladder pain going on which is likely upsetting all of the nerves in the area.

    Has anyone experienced this? Dr. Pacik said botox or PT is not necessary at this point and that enhancing dilation schedule once again should assist greatly.

    Other experiences out there you are willing to share?

    Janet Pacik

    Hi Jayne,I am hopeful that you will receive posts from others on this subject as there are many patients who have setbacks for various reasons. Back in July 2012, we wrote a blog for VaginismusMD titled “Overcoming Setbacks for the Vaginismus Patient” that you might find helpful to read. Here is a link to that blog:


    The important thing to remember is to believe in yourself and get yourself back on track with dilating. Start small and work your way up to the larger dilators. Don’t get discouraged and always remember how much progress you have made. You can do it again! Please keep us posted on your progress.


    Hi Jayne, I am so happy that you had the procedure and that you and your husband have been able to have pain-free sex. I totally understand about having to take a break from dilating and feeling like you went backwards. But please, please know that you will get back to the way you were. Once you are able to get back into your regular dilating schedule you will notice that it will start to get easier again and with less pain. I am 53 years old and suffered with vaginismus all of my adult life and through 31 years of marriage. I had my procedure last October and I remember that there were a few times when I wasn’t able to dilate consistently and it felt like I fell three steps back. I remember thinking OMG I messed up. But with encouragement from Dr. Pacik and others on the Forum as well as getting back into a regular routine of dilating I slowly was able to get back to easy and painless insertion. Like, Janet said…start small and take baby steps. When you hit the “wall” take deep breaths, use your kegel exercises and try again. If it still doesn’t work go back to the smallest one that does work and leave it in longer. If there isn’t any pain move it in and out. I promise you, Jayne you will get back to where you once were. Try not to be hard on yourself and celebrate even the smallest of successes. I’m here for you. Just go slow and be kind to you and your body. Sending you a big hug!


    Thank you, ladies! I appreciate the continued support!


    Hi Jayne. I found an excellent post from Dr. Pacik regarding dilating/intercourse following a break:

    “Everyone will every so often have a time they can’t dilate. Whether one week or one month it is always important to start with the smaller dilators and work back up. I would suggest starting with the purple #4 once again and over the next 3-7 days, depending on how it feels, progress to the pink #5 and large blue #6. Sleep with the purple as before every two days. I would probably also suggest not rushing into intercourse until you are comfortable with the dilators to avoid psychologic setbacks. Any vaginal pain could trigger an adverse emotional reaction, so prepare yourself by getting comfortable with the dilators again.”

    Please know we are all here for you always!!!

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