1 Month Today Since my Procedure!!!

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    Hello Ladies

    So I had my procedure with Dr. Pacik 1 month ago on 6/9 and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. I have been suffering from Vaginismus for 12 years with my husband who I have been married to for almost 7 years. I am 32. There are days I wish I found out about this waaaay before hitting 32. I feel like my bodies clock is ticking away. I feel old yet I know I am not.

    Soo let me start off by saying last week on July 2 I had a gyno appt. (I have had them before but with some pain. which I always just suffered though it bc i knew it had to get done so I could deal with the pain.) This past appt was amazing. I am from Manchester, NH so my gynecologist knew about Dr. Pacik and what goes on in his office. She knew what I was going through too. She was so excited to ask how I was feeling and how things were going. I was so open with her and very excited to share my news with her with a big smile on my face as she did too. She did a breast exam and then a finger exam. I laied back on the table calm as a cucumber and she slid her fingers in touching around. She was shocked at how well I was doing this exam. I know last time she did that I flinched a little and had a tiny bit of leg lock but not enough to jump off the table. This time I felt nothing. I was so excited. We both joked after it must be the 4 and 5 glass dilators I have been using. She was sooo happy and reassuring and thinks with in a year or less I will be back telling her I’m pregnant. I left with smiles form ear to ear. I have never felt that good about a gyno appt. before! Also I want to add since my appt was at 930AM I had no time to dilate before hand since I was coming straight from work.

    So lets fast forward to my other reason to post tonight. I have been doing so well with 4 and 5 glass dilating. I have been doing 4 for 10 minutes and 5 glass for 1 hour and 50 minutes. last week and the beginning of this week I have had my period. I have been successful using tampons which I am so happy about. goodbye pads!!! Last week while on my period I decided (actually after a great gyno exam last wednesday) that night I was ready to start trying glass 6. I tried it but it got maybe tip in and then I hit a wall. I stopped took a break and tried again and same thing. I felt my body was not ready. So last night I tried and same thing. Tonight (I do my 2 hours at night since I have no time in the am) on my one month anniversary of my procedure I tried it again after doing my 4 and 5 glass. Same thing after doing an hour of dilating with 5 glass 6 would only go in tip only.

    I decided hmmmm as much as I do not like the silicon I mine as well try the 6 silicon. Whats the worst that can happen it will do the same and not get in. well I proved myself wrong. tonight the 6 silicon slid in so easy I mean as easy as the 4 or 5 do. I couldn’t believe it. I remember screaming for my husband to come in and he came running in the bedroom as if i was hurt or in danger. We both smiled and shared a moment together of that wow it is really in feeling. I held it in a few minutes then waited and tried the glass but still had that “hitting a wall” feeling. I believe the glass is a little firmer and will take time for my body to adjust to the pain and burning I get with the glass (the tip is where most of my spasms are anyways once past that i am a piece of cake) and it will eventually go in. I sat on the bed holding the 6 silicon in probably for 5-6 minutes. No I did not want to move and have it fall out. I called it a night of dilating after that. Question…Any suggestions on getting the glass 6 in with out dealing with hitting the wall feeling?

    I was so excited the first things I did after I was successful was message 2 of the girls I am friends with from the forum who live near by and told them my success and they were soooo excited for me. Then I don’t think I stopped talking about it with my husband after for another 10 minutes. I never thought this day was going to come. I just had to pour a glass of wine after to celebrate my success. I deserved it!!! I am still in shock that it happened on my 1 month anniversary wow!!!! I guess it was meant to be this day! Now my next steps are to finish my last spotting days of my period and hopefully by this weekend my husband and I can attempt sex. I know Dr. P recommends tip only sex so we will start there and see what happens.

    I never though this day would come being a vaginismus sufferer. Even though i was told I was an “easy patient” I still had fears. I dream for the day my husband and I can have successful sex and not hit a wall. We anxiously wait and pray our day that we can finally tell everyone we are expecting a baby!!! Thanks you for the help Dr. Pacik and staff. It has been a great journey and it only gets better!!

    I hope to share my story with everyone once I successfully have wonderful sex with my husband!!!!!!



    Congratulations, Katie!!! 😀 This is such an exciting step, and we all knew you would get there! I think it was a great idea that you worked with silicone 6 first, since the glass 6 was not working out right now. My suggestion is to keep dilating to silicone 6 each evening, and hopefully eventually you will be able to remove the silicone 6 and work in the glass 6 simultaneously. I wholeheartedly agree that the glass is much firmer and has less “give” than the silicone or a real penis (Dr. P told us this, too) so that is why you are feeling such a difference between the glass and silicone 6’s even though they are the same size. Don’t fret!! Fingers crossed for you this weekend to have sex with your husband! I just recently posted about my recent intercourse experiences after my procedure (which I had one week after you!) and my advice is don’t go in with any expectations, and just go with the flow. Don’t let yourself be disappointed because there is nothing to be disappointed about – you are taking the next step, regardless of how “far” you get with that next step. Easier said than done, of course. And, don’t forget foreplay! Best of luck!


    Thank you thank you! I still have a smile on my face today!!!

    Dr. Pacik

    Very sweet. I am thrilled with the progress the two of you are making.


    All thanks to you, Dr. Pacik!! 🙂

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