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I wasted about 6 years with doctors who had never heard of vaginismus. I was told that it was all in my head, recommended therapy, even had doctors suggest that I try having a drink or two before sex to relax. Thinking back on it, these doctor visits not only prevented me from the proper treatment, but reinforced my vaginismus through painful examinations. Those doctors made me feel like I was truly crazy! If I hadn’t found Dr. Pacik online, I never would have known. I wonder how many women out there are suffering and think that they are alone.

I think it would be great if an advocate within the medical field could get vaginismus to be included in whatever text books med students currently use.

Now that I’ve had treatment, I need to find a doctor (haven’t gone to one in over a year). I was hoping to find a doctor who was already up to speed….but I guess as individuals, we should try to educate our own doctors and hope they spread it on…