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I also wanted to share one testimonial from a treated patient, Tabia, who posted 608 days post-procedure:

“Yes, it has been 608 days since my procedure! Oh what a transformation! I recently touched based with Dr. P to catch up and thank him again for his commitment to helping women. He encouraged me to revisit this site. I am just thrilled after reviewing the posts and threads that Dr. P and his team are still encouraging and supporting woman and even more so…changing lives. I too agonized (in silence) for twenty-two years from Vaginismus and before my procedure felt like less of a woman. Today, I’m elated to write that I am now whole. I enjoy pain & anxiety free intercourse, experienced TWO annual OB/GYN appointments (pap test and all) without tears fear or sneers and I am able to talk to close friends, family and current sufferers about Vaginismus. It has been and will always be a pleasure to be an ambassador, raise awareness and advocate for a very misunderstood condition. I wish you all continued success!”