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Hi everyone I live in the uk and im 32 years old been married now for 6 years and me and my husband have not been able to consummate our marriage at all. Every attempt is failed and is I started to seek therapy from a sex therapist 2 years ago I also bought the dilator set 2 years ago from the vag.com website. However I could still not get past dilator 1 although finger insertion from my husband I can just about tolerate dilator insertion I can’t, not withouth burning pain! So sought out a gynaecologist in London who administers Botox injections . He did a brief pelvic exam and diagnosed me with grade 3 vaginismus elevation of the buttocks even under anathema I was spasming, I’ve had the Botox and a hymen incision done 3 weeks ago and due to go see him with some help to insert a dilator and I’m really scared!! I know my body can do it but I can’t control my thoughts around inserting because I think it will be painful. I hopefully will be able to insert tomorrow.