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Dr. Pacik

I maintain statistics on inquiries who have had vaginismus for 15 years or more. n=the number of patients. ( Primary and Secondary Vag.)
Currently: 15 years or more (n=44) of which 24=20y or more,
30y or more (n=7) of which one pt.=44 yrs (age 65). This last patient (44 years) has spent a lifetime seeking and failing more treatments than can be imagined.
These are sad statistics and represent lives that have not been fulfilled. All of these women have had treatment attempts which did not work.

So whether you have had vaginismus for six months or many years it becomes important to seek treatment which has a good track record and not delay too much longer. At the very least complete the questionnaires that can be requested on our contact form so I can do a complimentary review and phone call consultation.