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Hi romana. Welcome to the Forum and thank you for your post. I think it’s so, so, so, so wonderful you found Dr. Pacik and will be treated coming up on 10/20! I understand fully what you mean about seeing so many doctors and it being tiring. I, too, had vaginismus for several years – all of my 20s and early 30s and visited doctors and providers who did not understand the condition. No matter how many times they said “just try to relax”, it still didn’t work and it would end in them being very frustrated and me being very embarrassed and upset. When we found Dr. Pacik, he was the first doctor who did not treat me like this but the exact opposite. He was kind, caring, and so, so knowledgeable about this condition and what I had gone through while having it. Rest assured you are in wonderful care with Dr. Pacik, Janet Pacik, Ellen, and all of the wonderful staff and they truly care so, so much! As Janet said, there is an awesome thread started for September and October patients too in which several October patients have posted. http://www.vaginismusmd.com/vaginismus-md-forum/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=933#sthash.2tHGEt8h.dpuf Please, please ask any questions that you have pre-procedure. By being a part of this community, it is a wonderful way to reduce anxiety pre-procedure and to know that you are not alone in any of this! We care and are here to support you! Sending you hugs!!!