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Hi npaul. I found a great Blog that I wanted to share about pre-procedure nerves and it includes Dr. Pacik’s commentary which is so, so helpful:


I can’t describe how nervous I was pre-procedure. At the time, the Forum wasn’t yet created and nobody knew except, of course, my husband. One thing that helped me personally so much was receiving IV Verced upon arrival in NH. This helped to take away all of the physical symptoms of anxiety that I always experienced (i.e. feeling like passing out, etc.). After receiving this, I cannot describe how much more relaxed and in control that I felt. Should you also be very nervous upon arrival, this helps so much.

Right now, just talking about everything, will do wonders to reduce your anxiety. Please, please know we all care and are here to support you. Also, please rest assured that you are in wonderful care with Dr. Pacik, Janet Pacik, Ellen, and all of the staff. They truly are like no other people out there! Not only do they understand what each of us has gone through with vaginismus but they also truly care about you as a person very, very much. One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Pacik that I wanted to share with you is below. Please, again, know we are all here to support you and everything is going to go so, so well for you!!!

Dr. Pacik writes:

“There are a thousand worries that the average patient has as the day of treatment approaches. “What ifs” tend to be all consuming. There comes a point that it helps to simply allow the flow to take you along its course. I often tell (my worried surgical patients) that they should think of their surgery or treatment as a ride in the car. They put their seat belts on (these are the many safety monitors we have throughout the operating and recovery room) and I’ll take them for a safe ride. I know the route and I am a safe driver. For my vaginismus patients where the treatment has a high level of safety, but anxiety rears its ugly head, the same can be true to help stem the normal anxiety that takes place. There is not much more anyone can say. The day comes and goes, much like any other day. Now you are on one side, then you have stepped across and you are on the other side.”