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I’m sorry I’ve been absent from the boards and just logging on now. Fighting a very bad URI. But I did not want to miss this post to encourage someone else. You see, “I”, like you NPaul, am 45 almost 46 years old, had the big V for 23 years. I went to the moon (or hell) and back trying to find a cure. I was so convinced I had Vulvadynia or any number of V words, never once did I EVER think or was told of Vaginismus that I was entirely convinced this was “too good to be true” and I would be one of “the ones” that would fail this treatment. I would convince myself I was grasping at straws, then convince myself this WAS probably logical. I would intellectualize why I felt SURE this would work and THEN I would go to my trusted OBGYN of the same 23 years and not only would I be belittled by him but I would be physically mistreated by him when I told him of Dr Paciks treatment and that I was moving forward with BOTOX.

And so there was no more self doubt worry and beating oneself up (and others too) than perhaps I was right before my surgery on June 30th of this year.

But I did it. And I “DID it” pain free!! It doesn’t matter when or how long after my surgery because too many of us on this board try to compete or compare ourselves with one another but the FACT is that the roads we travel to get here and the ones we travel to recover, are ALL individual and unique!

My dear friend, I am sending you ((((((hugs)))))) because I want you to know that YOU are taking the first step in your recovery.

If you would ever need to email chat or want to text me, the office knows how to get ahold of me. They have my permission.

Until then and always, you are in my thoughts!!

You CAN and WILL do this!!!

23 years~