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Dr. Pacik

Hi Eros
It is my experience that when dilators are recommended by health care professionals, not enough time is spent dilating. Dilating is like physical therapy, you have to stay with the program to get better. One generally needs to progress to the #5 or #6 (depending on the size of your partner) in order to have comfortable and enjoyable intercourse. More information about correct dilation techniques can be found by linking to http://www.plasticsurgerypa.com/dilators-for-vaginismus-correct-use-2/
It is also my experience that women who have more severe vaginismus get stuck somewhere around #4 dilator and are unable to progress even with continued physical therapy and determination. These are the women who are excellent candidates for the full Botox program to treat vaginismus.
It might be best to complete our questionnaire so I can assess the severity of your vaginismus. This might save you a lot of time. You can contact us with the following link[url] http://www.vaginismusmd.com/contact/%5B/url%5D

Thank you for your post, it is important.