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Thanks Dr. Pacik and his team for letting me register for this forum. It’s definitely an eye opener! When I asked my therapist if she knows the approximate number of women who suffers from vaginimus, she did not have an answer for me, making me feel like aa freak.
I’m an Asian woman aged 30, having been married for almost 2 years. If my mum didn’t ask me about my sex life, if she didn’t tell my GP, if my GP is not a Christian doctor who has even wrote a book about healthy sex life, I wouldn’t have been refered to my therapist and treatment.
I’m using dilators for ‘vagina yoga’. I use something like Pure Romance brand which I have ordered on the net. I’m now working on size 2.
There was a period I was extremely busy at work and didn’t feel like practising. I have more motivation and started ‘v yoga’ again last week.
I had an appointment with my therapist and told her about it. She encourages me to keep trying.
I enjoy reading about ‘all about dilation’ part and find some ideas very useful, like how to relax during the practice and something like dilation diary which you clearly write down the tiny details.
But she doesn’t suggest me to put a dilator inside me for a long time like someone of you wearing at when you sleep, work or watch a movie. Is it because you have had botox procedure? I don’t understand why my therapist discourage me to do so.
Thank you for such an mazing platform.