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I woke up from my procedure and my vagina had already pushed the dilator out. I wasn’t wearing tight enough underwear to hold it in. The nurse told me to insert the dilator back in, and it actually hurt really bad, but I forced it in. At first that freaked me out an I thought “oh no, the procedure didn’t work!” But then the rest of the day went well- I dilated up to #5 that day and the next day and my dilating has been going well. I’m even starting to dilate briefly with number 6 now, almost 2 weeks post procedure. I think for me the big thing that changed in my head is that it IS possible to get something that large inside me. The painless part will come with time as my muscles stretch. I can tell a difference in the type of pain I feel now, no longer the excruciating, sharp spasm pain, but the normal burning stretching feeling that happens with dilation. But my anxiety is greatly reduced now and the pain might not even be worthy of being called pain- it’s more like discomfort.