Hi Caitlin. Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post. A lot has been discussed about married couples overcoming vaginismus and the joy that comes from such. I think another excellent topic is the joy that comes from overcoming vaginismus as a single woman as well. So many single women avoid dating and entering into new relationships because of vaginismus. One of Dr. Pacik’s treated patients has written:

“I am afraid to date new people because I don’t want to drop this bomb on them … I think my sexual problems will definitely hold me back from meeting someone new … The idea of having someone reject me because of this disorder is heartbreaking and I will not allow myself to be put through that pain again.”

On Day 2 of my procedure, I remember Dr. Pacik and Ellen talking to our group and they talked about the joy that their patients experience post-procedure after being cured from vaginismus. For example, they noted that for their single patients, they could date freely and start relationships without the burden of vaginismus (i.e. having to worry about telling their partner about it, how it would affect their relationship, etc.).

For the treated patients reading this who are single, what were your experiences with the procedure and afterwards?

Also, Dr. Pacik has written on the importance of dilating – Continued Dilator Therapy is Key for the Single Vaginismus Patient: