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I agree Dr. P. My hubby and I have used many of the vaginismus aids post-procedure and our favorites include the Candy Stick and now Crystal Bullet Twist Dilator. From first glance, their size can look intimating but when used, they are such a fun shared experience with the hubby. I would definitely recommend these for the newbies as we incorporated when we became more and more comfortable with dilating and intercourse. The one that does not look at all intimidating and is an excellent choice for a first vibrator is the Lelo Liv. It is in between the size of the purple and pink (silicone pure romance dilators) and soft material. It is definitely recommended as a tool for relaxation and, again, great for using with dilating as well as intercourse. Each one of these aids that we have used has helped us significantly to take the clinical aspect away and make it so much more fun. Ladies, for a newly treated patient, which vaginismus aids would you recommend?