I have been married for three years and Vaginismus has truly tested everything that I am. Getting diagnosed with the” big v, ” was not really a game changer until I realized how this issue was affecting my marriage and my ability to conceive and consummate. I have been to what I consider the best PT’S in and out of state. Yet my condition only gets to a certain point and then I am back at square one again. I am 36 years old and I desire to have children. This condition takes away from what nature intended. My hubs and I really struggle. This is my last resort. We have tried everything. Reading others blogs makes me feel 50/50.Some people say it worked,others say it didn’t. I really need this to work, otherwise I should have become a nun. I feel sorry for my husband,he has a child from a previous relationship way before I came along. I just feel like as a woman I am dysfunctional below the belly button. The big V is a silent sadness. We are not crazy,some of us have never been abused,we where just born with a condition. Prayerfully, a condition that wont keep us silently chained.