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This seems to be a great place to discuss thrusting during early attempts at intercourse. My husband and I have now attempted intercourse twice since the procedure. During our first attempt, he had limited to no thrusting due to the amount of my anxiety and pressure that accompanied any thrusting at all. Obviously it was extremely difficult for him not to thrust because we were in the missionary position (especially as he became closer to ejaculation). So, first attempt at intercourse was a success! We were able to achieve full penetration with minimal pain. We just weren’t able to perform any thrusting movement due to the anxiety and pressure.

To alleviate some of these problems, our second attempt at intercourse was in the woman-on-top position. This seemed to work fantastic because it allowed me to move and ease him in-and-out of me with minimal anxiety. The anxiety was much lower because I had complete control (plus he really loves when I’m in control). Awesome…we were again able to achieve full penetration while I performed thrusting from the top position. We were both ecstatic! What a wonderful experience it was!

The first attempts at intercourse can be REALLY intimidating (especially when you’re trying to insert a penis that you have no control over). That’s why I believe the woman-on-top position worked so well for us. Hopefully we are working up to a point where I will feel comfortable enough to allow him to move. I believe we will attempt it with me on top and then transition to the missionary position as well. That should provide us an easy transition into male thrusting. 🙂

This has been one of the most amazing experiences! It has been life changing and I am so glad that we found Dr. Pacik and his team! They were able to help us achieve the intimacy that we’ve desired for years now. Thank you so much!