Great tampon story SaraJean. I bet I’ll be in your shoes too. I can wear very slim ones sometimes yet it takes 1/2 a box before I can wear one comfortably. That one time I did get one in successfully I wanted to have a party in the bathroom. (mind you I had two huge boxes in my suitcase since I knew I’d go through 10 tampons before inserting one.) My husband and I were in Puerto Rico on a mini vacation with a bunch of his coworkers and their wives so I was determined to go swimming in the ocean and pool with them (I mean come on who wouldn’t. The hotel had a lovely swim up bar & you couldn’t pass that up with friends) I wasn’t going to be the lame wife who sat out of the swimming in the hot weather. The whole time I had the tampon in and we were sitting on the beach so many thoughts ran through my head. I just kept thinking the worst was going to happen. Was it going to fall out? What if I had to change it could I get a new one in? If I go in the pool would I start leaking? Would I be able to get it out after? Or would it be in to long? All these awful reasons were going through my head. Which I know is probably normal for someone with a fear of wearing them like us. I’m glad I am not alone. Personally I want to wear them rather then pads. I hear they are more comfortable. It’s such a big first step. Start little and work your way up. I know I will and I did that day in the hotel came out of the bathroom with a big smile on my face 🙂