Quote from Vashalla on November 5, 2013, 23:29
Several years ago, I opened up about my vaginismus at a regular weekly dinner gathering with a group of friends consisting of both men and women. It seems like a very odd time and place for this topic to come up, but this group is a little different from most in that discussions about sex aren’t taboo, and we’re generally very open in our discussions. During our after-dinner conversation, one of the people in the group was talking about a friend of hers (who she didn’t name) who was having some problems with sex. The symptoms she was describing were very similar to my own, so I decided to share my story with the group in the hopes that it would help my friend’s friend. I remembered how freeing, in a sense, it was when I finally found out that there was actually a name for what I was going through, and that I wasn’t weird. I was nervous about opening up about something like that in that setting, but there were a couple of reasons why I decided to do it. One, if I could help another woman by giving a name to what she was going through, it would be worth any potential embarrassment to me. And secondly, women aren’t the only ones who need to know about this condition. Men especially need to know about it so that they can potentially recognize it if they see it, and hopefully steer clear somewhat of those feelings of rejection that vaginismus can cause in men.

This is wonderful and so brave of you Vashalla!!! Ladies, what have been your own experiences with talking to your friends about vaginismus?