I’m 27 years old and have been suffering with vaginismus since first trying to insert a tampon as a teenager. I’d seen many doctors, most who just didn’t understand and told me I just needed to “relax, have a drink, or light some candles”. I was convinced that I was going to live out my life never knowing what was wrong with me. Secretly, I hoped every day that I would just wake up and be “better”, even though every rational part of me knew that wasn’t going to happen. I finally got an official diagnosis in August 2011 and my doctor wanted to send me to a specialist who would likely have performed surgery. After looking into it, I decided that it wasn’t the right option for me. I decided to keep researching and in late October came across the article in Cosmo. I emailed Dr. Pacik’s office in early November and had the procedure done in early December. I’m happy to report that yesterday – 34 days post-procedure – I had sex! 🙂 Dr. Pacik, Ellen and crew had counseled during treatment to dilate before hand and go slow but it all happened rather spur of the moment. I didn’t dilate at all ahead of time and while it took a minute to reach full penetration it was completely pain-free. My partner was even able to thrust enough to reach climax. It was almost a surreal experience for me. Even six weeks ago, I hadn’t thought this would be possible and yet here I am, dare I say, CURED! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Pacik and his team, they have been supportive cheerleaders since I first contacted them and I am forever grateful!