I am 27 years old and have been suffering from vaginismus for 3 years. It took almost that long to figure out what the issue really was; I have secondary vaginismus – I was able to use tampons and had intercourse for 1 year before the pain started. My husband and I have spent basically our entire year-and-a-half marriage without having intercourse, the last time being on our honeymoon. The pain was so severe and I had so much anxiety that we had just given up hope. After a few rounds with “specialists” and physical therapy, we were advised to read Dr. Pacik’s book “When Sex Seems Impossible” by our sex therapist. When I started having a severe regression from my physical therapy at the end of 2011, my husband and I contacted Dr. P’s office. Within a few weeks we had a Skype call with Dr. P and by early to mid January were setting up an appointment for a mid-February Botox procedure. I underwent the procedure on my 27th birthday. I have been very consistent with my dilators since returning home; I knew I needed to make it a priority in order to achieve the full effects of the Botox.

I am happy to say that 21 days post-procedure my husband and I achieved full penetration! Below is my email to Dr. P, Ellen and Sue sharing the great news:

We had full penetration tonight!! I don’t think it can actually be considered intercourse because we did nothing but insert, but it feels like it might as well have been. We were planning on just trying minimal penetration after I dilated with the blue, and then maybe trying my husband’s clone [we used the Clone-A-Willy]. I propped up my bum on a pillow because it seemed like that would be easier for me to control the insertion. I slowly inserted my husband’s tip and there was no pain! It was so crazy because I felt like there should be pain but there wasn’t. There wasn’t even any resistance really, not even once he got thru that ring that Ellen talked to me about (that I was having so much pain with when inserting the blue at the office) [this is what she talks about with the rubberband in the office and in the DVD]. Even though it was the first time we had tried minimal penetration, it felt right to keep going, and pretty soon my husband was all the way in! I even did a few kegels to see what that would feel like; it didn’t hurt at all. There was really no discomfort; I think I expected some since the blue dilator is so uncomfortable. I did have a bit of anxiety when my husband asked if he could do a man-kegel (move himself inside of me); I panicked a bit and had him slowly take himself out. We tried it again once I calmed down a few minutes later and it went right in, no problem! I think we’ll try penetration again without thrusting a few more times before we try any movements. 🙂

I told my husband this as soon as he was in all the way and I thought I would share: I knew that the Botox would help but I really didn’t think it would work. I think I was just in pain for so long that part of me really didn’t think I could ever have sex again without pain.

I don’t know how I will ever thank Dr. P, Ellen and the entire team!